St Helens Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

St Helens Borough Council have recently commissioned City Science alongside Civic Engineers last December to produce a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for the Borough. This will be the first local Borough LCWIP following on from the strategic Liverpool City Region LCWIP, originally produced in 2018.

The LCWIP will cover all of the St Helens Borough, however, will focus on identifying proposals aimed at improving active travel connectivity between the key settlements and communities of St Helens, Blackbrook & Haydock, Newton-le-Willows & Earlestown, Rainford, Billinge, Garswood and Rainhill. It will also focus on connecting local routes with the proposed strategic routes identified in the Liverpool City Region LCWIP. The programme of the St Helens LCWIP will run until around September 2022 and will include a public consultation process in early Summer on draft network proposals.

As part of the initial Evidence Base (Stage 2) process, City Science have asked for members of the forum to input into a 5-minute online survey (available from this link) to collate some of the key network-wide opportunities and constraints. Please note that this survey needs to have been completed by March 9th at the latest.

They are also running an in-person site visit event on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 and would welcome people coming along to this as part of a walk or cycle to experience the network across the Borough. If you are interested in attending this, please contact City Science directly via email (