Our Vision

MCC’s Vision for Merseyside is as a better place to live, where cycling is as safe, easy and pleasant as it is in the Netherlands and many other places, and where anyone can make any journey by bike as part of a sustainable transport network; this will have economic, social, environmental and health benefits for all including a more active population and lower levels of pollution, road casualties and congestion, in a region that is easier to get around with more sociable streets and public places.

Objectives of the Merseyside Cycling Campaign’s activities.

• To MAKE cycling in Merseyside as pleasant and safe as it is in the Netherlands and many other places where it has become safe for cyclists aged 5 to 85 to make any journey because of informed, forward planning of the highest quality cycling infrastructure, including utilising the opportunities presented by ALL road engineering revisions and speed restrictions.

• To ENSURE that all opportunities for improving cycling are considered in all land use and transport planning processes and decisions and are an integral part of place-making.

• To IMPROVE standards, respect and behaviour on the road through EDUCATION and ENFORCEMENT of all road users.

• To INTEGRATE, and MAINTAIN ACCESS of, cycling with public transport (bus, train, ferry) across Liverpool City Region, including cycle carriage where feasible and providing ample, conveniently positioned, secure, cycle parking at transport hubs.

• To FACILITATE a COHERENT cycling network, with ample and strategically placed cycle parking, along desired direct connections within Liverpool City Region using local and regional routes, designed, engineered and tested to the highest EU standards.

• To DISSEMINATE the evidence for the transport, economic, environmental, health and social benefits of cycling and how these can be achieved.

• To PROMOTE the benefits of cycling to the general public, businesses, schools, universities, statutory bodies and other groups within Merseyside and Liverpool City Region.

• To ENCOURAGE others to become actively involved in MCC’s Vision through focus groups, cycle rides, cycle-friendly cafes, workplaces, shops, entertainment and other activities.

The PROCESS of achieving MCC’s Objectives:
• Proactive, collaborative development of a methodology for each objective.
• SWOT analyses of each objective and methodology.
• Review of stakeholders, commitment and resources.
• Chronological schedule of actions.
• Cycle / pedestrian infrastructure audit of outcomes.


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