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We meet each month to discuss cycling in the Liverpool City Region. You’re welcome to join us and get involved.


Safe cycling benefits everyone – even those that don’t ride. We campaign for safe routes that adhere to the latest design standards.


Our members have a wealth of knowledge that they are keen to share. Drop us a line with questions about routes, bike advice or who to contact in your area to request safer routes.

Merseyside Cycling Campaign was set up in 1985 to campaign for better and safer space for cycling.

With all of the benefits that cycling offers – cleaner air, healthier individuals, reduced congestion, lower CO2 emissions and a raft of business benefits – you might be wondering why campaign groups are needed.

Well, utility cycling has been rather neglected in the UK for some time now. The car has risen to dominate our towns and cities but the times are a’changing.

Climate change poses a huge threat to us all and our roads are clogged with single occupancy vehicles, far too many of which still have an exhaust pipe that fills our air with toxic fumes.

Step forward, the bicycle!

Merseyside Cycling Campaign will fight for safe cycling for all – young and old. We demand cycle infrastructure that will enable bicycles, tricycles, hand cycles and cargo bikes. We will fight for the right for children and parents to be able to make their way to school in safety.

So get in touch and join our campaign!

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