Outcome of Consultation on Pop Up Cycle Lanes

Liverpool City Council (LCC) have published a report that details the results of the public consultation undertaken for converting “pop up” cycle lane routes to permanent cycle lane routes.

Following consultation, the recommendation is to proceed with the implementation of two permanent cycle lanes.

LCC approved the conversion of the “pop up” cycle routes on West Derby Road and Sefton Park into permanent routes, in order to allow detailed plans to be further developed and funding to be sought for Sefton Park route and continuation of the West Derby Road route.
Additional public engagement for Liverpool Loop North route will be done before a decision is made. This will be scheduled for Summer 2023 and reported back to cabinet in Autumn 2023.

The routes are –
Liverpool Loop North (Vauxhall Road/Commercial Road/Stanley Road)
West Derby Road (Farnworth Street – Muirhead Avenue)
Sefton Park (Sefton Park – Crown Street – Towerlands Street)

The schemes for West Derby Road and Liverpool Loop North will continue to be developed and detailed design carried out, as funding becomes available. Discussions are taking place to secure funding for Sefton Park route and it is hoped that this will become available within the next twelve months.