How to report a traffic accident

To file an online report visit then choose ‘Report’ followed by ‘Road traffic incident’ and follow your nose from there. It’s an intuitive system that has improved a lot in the past few months. You’ll be given a reference crime reference number at the end which you can use to follow up if needed.
It’s very useful to have video footage, which you’re required to upload by using Dropbox or WeTransfer for the officers to download the footage from. Two minutes either side of the incident is needed as well.

Collideoscope invites you to report cycling collisions and near misses in the UK. It collects the reports together and makes the data available to planners, researchers and campaigners with the aim of making our roads safer for all. Collideoscope is a joint project from mySociety and the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership.
You can report actual collisions between a bicycle and another vehicle, or near misses where an incident was averted. Additionally you may report incidents where no other vehicle was involved, such as collisions or near misses with pedestrians, street furniture… or anything else.
Do not report incidents that have been reported to the police and are under investigation as this might prejudice any resulting court case.

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