Made to Move

We must create a vision for walking and cycling in the city region, focusing on a dedicated network that will transform the quality of the public realm, making a fairer, greener, healthier and more prosperous city. Transport and infrastructure policies must be integrated and adopt the new design standards so a 12 year-old could travel safely and without fear. With segregated cycling routes on main roads and junctions, supported by traffic-calmed cycling routes, we will ensure access for all the community. It also means improving better ways to make short journeys for walking much easier. By shaping places for people to walk, cycle and spend time we will reduce car dependency and improve air quality, revitalise town centres, boost businesses and connect communities.

The cycling and walking infrastructure plan must be devised with key stakeholder engagement, a people focused approach based on guiding principles that address barriers to cycling with meaningful space on key routes. The transforming cities fund represents an opportunity to deliver a sustained funding programme that will begin to
address the appalling record on Merseyside roads, which currently has the highest percentage of pedestrians and cyclists killed or seriously injured for any metropolitan area in the country.