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Merseyside Cycling Campaign was set up in 1985 to campaign for better and safer space for cycling.

The committee members are currently:

President: Lewis Lesley
Co-chair: Don Thompson
Co-chair: Eddy Taylor
Campaign Secretary: Andrew Grimbly
Membership Secretary: Joanne Dobbie
Treasurer: Chris Beazer
Media: Don Thompson
Pedal Press editor: Don Thompson and Slim Smith

MCC general email merseysidecyclingcampaign@hotmail.co.uk

Social media

Facebook @merseycycle

Twitter @merseycyclists

Instagram @merseycycle


Membership is open to anyone – cyclist or not – who supports our aims and objectives for safer cycling, traffic calming and a better, healthier environment!

However, the campaign relies on donations of time and money.
For donations, please email using subject heading ‘donation’.
Online membership form here.  Alternatively to join the Merseyside Cycling Campaign simply print out this form, and email it back using the subject heading ‘membership’.

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  1. Hi

    This is a really important piece of research that demonstrates the link between using public transport, cycling or walking and body fat. In essence strongly supporting public health assertions that transport policy can influence health and wellbeing particularly for our obesity epidemic. This needs to be shared far and wide!



    Julie Kumar

  2. The AGM provided an opportunity to reflect on this year’s variety of activity including involvement with LCC consultations, cycling events with opportunities to encourage new members, show cyclists what Merseyside has to offer and identify new opportunities and challenges for the Campaign in 2108.

  3. With the Winter Edition out shortly if you have any news, views or events you would like to share please contact the Pedal Press team asap!

    Don & Slim

  4. Great AGM today with some good ideas for 2019. Interesting and thought provoking presentation from our President, Prof Lewis Lesley. Don’t forget his suggestion to photograph any piece of infrastructure of poor design or poorly maintained and email your local councillors!

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