About Us

Merseyside Cycling Campaign was set up in 1985 to campaign for better and safer space for cycling.

The committee members are currently:
Co-Chair: Kirsty Styles
Co-Chair: Eddy Taylor
Media: Don Thompson
Campaign Secretary: Andrew Grimbly
Membership Secretary: vacancy
Treasurer: Chris Beazer
Technical Officer – Design: Roland Graham
Technical Officer – Planning: Eddy Taylor
Social media
Twitter: Ed Lamb
Facebook: Stewart Welsh

MCC general email merseysidecyclingcampaign@hotmail.co.uk

Social media
Facebook @merseycycle
Twitter @merseycyclists
Instagram @merseycycle

Membership is open to anyone – cyclist or not – who supports our aims and objectives for safer cycling, traffic calming and a better, healthier environment!

How can I help?
We are a not for profit organisation run by volunteers, but we do have running costs to cover. A donation to MCC would be most appreciated.

Set up a regular £3 per month donation to MCC

Make a one-off £10 donation