Thank you for your donation!

Dear Supporter

Thank you for your donation to the Merseyside Cycling Campaign, helping us to improve conditions for cycling in Merseyside.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for your donation!”

  1. Making a donation was nice and easy. It will be great to be able to contribute regularly in the future.


  2. Seems I can only sign up with a direct debit – there was no option for a one-time payment as indicated.

    1. Hello George

      Even though it’s a direct debit it can be a one-off donation. We use this system to avoid having to pay a percentage to a payment handler like PayPal so the full donation can go to the campaign. Thank you very much for your support.


  3. Good news about Simon O’Brian. I have just completed a big charity ride to London – the Jo Cox Way and feel that it is time for me to do more campaigning up here. Keep up the good work Merseyside Cycling campaign!

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