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Pedal Press Spring 2019 can be downloaded here PedalPress-Spring2019-online

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Pedal Press Summer 2018 can be downloaded here PedalPress-Summer2018-online

Pedal Press Spring 2018 can be downloaded using the button below. 

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Pedal Press Summer 2017 can be downloaded here PedalPress-Summer2017

Pedal Press Spring 2017 can be downloaded here PedalPress-Spring2017


  Pedal Press Summer 2016 

NOTE: Some back issues of the Pedal Press give a wrong website address, please always use

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  1. Isend a article to Don thompson re garing ffct rally in France.and 2 dvs .i did not see it in the Spring 2019 .ialso send 2 dvs could please ask Don if he could let me have them .lam at the Uni.for the lunch tlme if he could leaveañy wedat the desk or send them to me Thanks again Roland

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