Pedal Press

Spring 1998

New Year, New Hope?

I know its a bit late for the usual crop of article rambling on about how its a new year and now everything is going to get better, but its the only chance I'll get so here's another: Well its certainly a new year, but is there any new hope? The Campaign could be forgiven for thinking so, we have achieved our aim of getting the campaigning done by local groups in 3 areas, with one or two others coming to a boil, and we are moving on towards Regional Campaigning and in raising our profile which are two of this years aims. Cycling is taking root in local Councils' policies and we hope it will spread like that weed in my garden. There is still a lot of work to do though, not least in tending to those roots and making sure they don't get tarmacked over. There is work to do in making sure that the cycle schemes that are built are done properly and safely.

Look out for the MCC - we are going to be popping up all over the place this year and keep up the good work.

John Sharp

The Unofficial Trans Pennine Trek

We are much obliged to Martin Bright from Friends of the Trans Pennine Trail for providing the centre pages in this bumper issue. The pages are taken from Up & Over - the magazine of the friends and show details of a route from Southport to York via the Trial. I hope members will take up the challenge. Enjoy!

Crime busting by Bike in Prescot

Prescot PC Willie Flanagan is now covering his beat with the aid of a mountain bike and is finding it a great asset.

Dressed in his police uniform with a cycle helmet and reflective jacket, and sporting a full set of lights, he is well able to demonstrate to other cyclists how much more visible you become when you have the correct equipment. The bike is also proving useful as a rapid response vehicle when PC Flanagan needs to get out to the more distant ends of hi beat in a hurry, or when incidents have been reported in narrow alleyways etc.

Lets hope that this idea catches on in other parts of Merseyside, and who knows, we may well see Cats Eye introducing flashing blue led cycle lights soon.

Extracted from the Liverpool Echo

Regional Training Day

The CCN have got together with the CTC to provide a Regional Training Day at Warrington on 28th March. The course will include workshops on Developing Campaigning Skills and Co-ordinating Regional Campaigning. Any members wishing to attend - and we hope a few of you will want to - should contact Colin Langdon or your editor.


Smelling salts were needed in the editorial office last week when a letter arrived. Not only did it contain 2 articles, but also some small ads so here they are:


2 No Halfords bike racks (for fitting to car roof rack) - cheap.

1 No 630x17 Front wheel - steel - free.

1 No 630x17 Rear wheel - steel - free

Richard on 727 0088 (evenings only)


National Bike Week 6th to 14th June


Ainsdale to Halewood Ride 7th June 1998

Bike to work day 10th June 1998 but any local events will be on the 9th to avoid the World Cup.

Pier Head to Nantwich Ride Friday 6th March. This ride is being organised by South Cheshire Friends of the Earth in order to raise awareness of Local Transport Day which is the following day. Details from Jeremy Herbert at Merseytravel 227 5181.

Regional Training Day 28th March 1998

Liverpool - Chester Ride 5th July 1998

MCC AGM 12th December 1998

International News

Polish Road Rage

Richard also sent me a cutting from the Independent telling of a Polish cyclist who took offence at a bus driver in Krakow who "tooted twice" before finally overtaking the cyclist. Enraged by this action (we're not told whether the tooting or the overtaking sparked the rage), the cyclist chased the bus to the next stop and assaulted the driver, beat him, broke his nose, and bit him in the stomach and genitals! Richard adds that he thought cyclists were such nice people .