National Bike Week 12th - 20th June 1999




Its here again – National Bike Week is almost upon us and this year we are going to see a huge upturn in the events on Merseyside, topped by the Liverpool Cycle Show ’99 – to be held at St. George’s Hall on Wednesday 16th June.


There are all kinds of exciting things happening at the show – including the launch of the MCC Liverpool Cycle Map which Neil Kay describes below, and our display of cycles and paraphernalia. Start the day at 07:55 at the Sefton Park Cafe and ride in for a free breakfast in The Hub. (Telephone 227 3352 and tell them your coming.)

Please come along between 11:30am and 7:00pm and support this important venture – its free and you deserve a treat.

We Need You !

The Liverpool Cycle Show is being run by Health Start, but Merseyside Cycling Campaign is supporting the event and we have our own display stand to man. If you can offer any form of help on the day, whether for all or part of the time, please contact Mark on 494 0614.

We Need Your Bike!

We have also promised to provide as big a collection of different styles of bike as possible. We already have such delights as a few folders, a Dutch bike, a commuting mountain bike, and a delivery bike, but we want to provide a really splendid mixture. If you have a machine that is in anyway different to a "standard" racer, mountain bike, shopper or tourer, and you would allow us to show it off at the show – please contact John – 327 6455. Don’t worry if the machine is in "used" condition - it’ll be more realistic. We promise to take good care of any loaned machines – clean hay and a bucket of water each – that kind of thing. Or you can come along and help man the stall whilst posing alongside your dream machine.

  Liverpool News – from Richard

Objections to Planning Applications - follow up from last blitz:

Arrad St - new student flats on site of old Maternity block behind the Everyman - now to provide 37 cycle parking spaces.

Granby Business Centre off Upper Parliament St - objected to lack of cycle access from Beaumont St - permission now includes a condition requiring the developer to install dropped kerbs in the road closure of Embledon St.

St Pauls Eye Hospital - 31 storey tower block -permission now provides for cycle parking.

Latest objections:

Kingfield Road Recreation Ground, Orrell Park - new sports facility - no cycle parking.

Victoria St Post Office Site - proposed shopping centre - no cycle parking.

City Centre Cycle Route Network: Lime St/Russell St/ Clarence St area.

The Council have come up with a plan to replace the abandoned eastern leg of the Inner Ring Road

This provides for:

~ narrowing of Lime St between London Rd and The Crown to provide more space for pedestrians and coaches.

~ new toucan and pelican crossings on Lime St

~ widening Semour St for 2-way traffic and closing St Vincent Way.

~ providing Advanced Stop Lines at the lights on Russell St and Clarence St.

~ Resurfacing of Lime St & Renshaw St and repaving of Rodney St pavements.

City Engineers have been asked to take our needs into account in the detailed designs, particularly in the Lime St. area. Please note that there is no money for this scheme yet, that will come in future years hopefully.

Road Closures

Spotters will note that the closure in Jubilee Drive has now been equipped with a channel at road level through which you can ride. It has been cunningly angled so as to discourage motorists from "jumping over" the closure. It is quite entertaining watching drivers trying to cross this closure, attempts culminate in the car bottoming out on the final kerb with a satisfying clunk and cloud of dust. This gap was first requested back in 1995 by member Jeremy Hayward, and now gives a good cycle route from Crown St right up to West Derby Rd.

Liverpool Community College Arts Building

This striking new structure on the site of the Myrtle St Childrens’ Hospital has been provided with a bicycle park at the rear of the building (access via the car park from Mulberry St). There are Sheffield stands, a roof, and CCTV cameras.

Park Racetrack. Sefton

I am informed that speed checks recently undertaken by the City Engineers on Aigburth Drive confirm that much of the traffic does well in excess of 30mph with speeds of 40-45mph not un-common.

Chelwood Avenue/Bowring Park Rd junction

A new scheme has been drawn up for improving this junction - for motors Unfortunately the City Engineers were unable to accommodate our request for right turning facilities for cyclists - the reason being that there is not enough room. They have subsequently installed some facilities following negotiations. Part of our problem is that Chelwood Avenue is not on the Cycle Route Network, and when we are competing for scarce road space the current low levels of cycling count against us.


Just to remind you that Sheffield stands are being provided at various locations in the City Centre, at Libraries and Sports Centres.

Knight St/Mount St

Users of this back-route into the City Centre will have noticed the new No Entry signs on Mount St at its junction with Pilgrim St and in Roscoe St. There is supposed to be a contraflow arrangement here, following an objection from the Campaign - but I don't know what's happened to that!

Anybody having problems here give me a ring. Actually I've noticed that neither cyclists nor motorists seem to be paying much attention to them

Tramspotters corner

Following a public inquiry into the proposed MRT Guided Bus scheme (Page Moss-Albert dock), the Inspector supported by John Prescott has turned the project down. It was criticised on various grounds, including pedestrian safety in Church St, and the Inspector questioned the need for the scheme. Anyone who wants to see the summary report give me a ring - its fairly digestible.

At the same time the Liverpool Electric Tram company has put in a planning application for a line from the Airport to the City Centre. Comments are invited up till June 3rd, and those of you who are prepared to don their anoraks can see it at Millennium House

Earle Rd.

The City are preparing a scheme to calm traffic on Earle Rd/Lawrence Rd, and have taken the initiat