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West Derby Road Consultation

Liverpool City Council has a proposal for a temporary cycle route on West Derby Road, to replace the one previously removed.
Closing date for comments Friday 7th January 2022

The consultation is badly designed, with only the options of either agreeing with the plan or disagreeing with it.
The design for crossing Sheil Road creates dangerous condition for cyclists.
Cyclists join West Derby Road on a cycle lane segregated with wands and into a bike box at the traffic lights.
The width if the cycle lane is not marked, it's impossible to know if it will be a safe and useable width.
Cyclists are now to the left side of left-turning motor vehicles with obvious potential conflicts. A cyclist carrying straight on is in danger of being hit by a left-turning motor vehicle.
Across the other side of the junction a segregated lane is marked as 1.25m wide, which is below the standard for cycling next to fast moving motor vehicles.
The junction needs dedicated traffic lights for cyclists and a cycle lane of 2m width.
As it stands, the only response to this consultation is to disagree with the creation of this cycle route.

Paddington Village consultation plan – update

After consultation with the engineers of the plan, the following responses have been received from them. This is still not going to be a usable cycle route. Why is there not a direct route from Irvine Street through the village development to Minshull Street? The direct pedestrian route from Irvine Street to Minshull Street has…

New Merseyside Twitter accounts to follow

Walk and Cycle Merseyside @WalkCycleMersey Safe streets for all. The stuggle for safe streets is a fight for democracy.  KSI Merseyside @Merseyside_KSI Tracking Road Casualties of vulnerable road users in Merseyside, data sourced from …Queries ask @mdunschen

Merseyside Cycling Campaign Action Plan Meeting

Wednesday 3rd January 2018 – 6pm A meeting to agree actions/targets/objectives for 2018. The Action Plan should build on MCC’s vision statement. The venue is DoES Liverpool, which is on Hanover Street and only a short walk from Liverpool Central railway station. DoES Liverpool, Gostins Bldg, 4th Floor, Hanover St, Liverpool L1 4LN The Action Plan…

Ten Streets public consultation has begun

A  public consultation on the proposed transformation of 125 acres of former docklands in Liverpool has begun. The event is inviting feedback on the draft masterplan which includes establishing a creativity district in the Ten Streets area of north Liverpool. Liverpool City Council’s cabinet have approved the draft Spatial Regeneration Framework (SRF) and the public consultation…

Pedal Press Autumn/Winter 2017 issue

The Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of Pedal Press is now available to download PedalPress-Autumn-Winter-2017

Merseyside Cycling Campaign AGM 2017

The AGM will be held at the KIND Centre, 19 Back Canning Street, Liverpool, L8 7PB on Saturday 25 November Refreshments available from 10:00 for 10:30 start Stephen Yip who has been the force behind Kids In Need & Distress since 1975 has once again invited the Campaign to hold its Annual General Meeting  at…

A41 – Chester Street, Birkenhead – Improvement Scheme Consultation

“A new segregated off-road cycle lane / improved footpath will be provided along the east side of the A41 – Chester Street, improving safety and the connectivity of the Wirral Circular Trail Route. To the north, via existing on and off-road sections of the Wirral Circular Trail, cyclists will be able to connect to the…

Liverpool City Centre Connectivity scheme

There are wide ranging plans to improve traffic flow across the city centre whilst also providing better cycle links and a more appealing environment for pedestrians. These proposals are known collectively as the Liverpool City Centre Connectivity scheme. Download full details and the plans here – Liverpool-City-Centre-Connectivity-plans Please send any comments to us by 2…

Princes Avenue Consultation: Update

Draft plans are still being displayed in the Kuumba Imani Millenium Centre, 4 Princes Rd, Liverpool L8 1TH, with further consultation events being planned at Granby Market, etc.  Plans should be on the Better Roads website soon, but as yet are not there. In the meantime, below are some photos of the draft plans.  Main issues/questions…

Consultation – Princes Avenue STEP Scheme

Liverpool City Council is working on a scheme to enhance the central reservation of Princes Avenue/ Princes Road together with upgrading of the footway and carriageway surfaces. There is a public consultation event to discuss the scheme. The event will be held on Wednesday 17th May 2017 from 11am to 7pm at The Kuumba Imani Millenium Centre, 4 Princes Rd, Liverpool…