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How to report a cycling incident via Merseyside Police

As much fun as cycling can be, we all know it can be dangerous to ride on our roads. MCC members have worked hard with Merseyside Police to enable the reporting of incidents that are caught on action cameras.

The Merseyside Police portal is easy to use and, once complete, you will be emailed a link to upload your footage. Ideally you will need two minutes before and after the incident. When detailing the incident, give as much information as possible – if called, this information might be relied on in court.

If the police deem the incident to be worthy of action, they will take things forward with the driver – usually in the form of a warning letter or with a Notice of Intended Prosecution which can lead to a fine, an educational course or points on their license.

Many drivers are sadly not aware of the space and time they must give to cyclists when they are behind the wheel so the more that we can do to help them improve the better.

For more information and advice, please contact us and we will put you in touch with our most experienced members.

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